The Workout Book for Dogs: A Complete Guide to Fitness Training


by Carmen Heritier & Sandra Rutz


The Workout Book for Dogs:  A Complete Guide to Fitness Training

by Carmen Heritier & Sandra Rutz

ISBN: 9781910488614

Publisher: First Stone Publishing

Publication Year:  2018

Format:  Coilbound Paperback

Pages:  204

From the back cover:

At long last, we have a book that takes the mystery out of fitness training!

We all care about our dogs’ physical wellbeing but how do we develop and maximise their potential? How do we help a dog to recover from injury? And how do we make the best use of fitness equipment?

Authors Carmen Heritier and Sandra Rutz have devised practical, easy-to-follow exercises, which are designed to address the key components of fitness:

  • Strength
  • Relaxation
  • Flexibility
  • Co-ordination
  • Tactile awareness

The exercises are categorised to target specific parts of the body, and they are graded so they are suitable for dogs new to fitness training, those ready for more advanced work, and the “professionals” needing a bigger challenge still. There are also exercises for dogs with specific needs, such as puppies and seniors, dogs recovering from injury and those with on-going health issues. The training is outlined step-by-step, and is based on 100 per cent positive reinforcement.

The Workout Book for Dogs is a comprehensive guide for all those who want to enhance their knowledge, and understanding of canine fitness.

If you are a professional working in the field, it will expand your repertoire, if you are the handler of a sports dog, it will help you to keep him at peak performance, and if you own a companion dog, you can take pride in keeping him fit and healthy. The Workout Book for Dogs is packed full of ideas to make training both fun and varied, which means your dog will enjoy it, too!

Illustrated with over 200 colour photographs

About the Authors:

Carmen Heritier qualified at the University of Tennessee as a canine fitness trainer, specialising in clicker training. She now works as a fitness trainer and also teaches dog trainers, physiotherapists and vets. In addition, Carmen is an independent researcher in dog sciences for German and Swiss universities. Her first book, Gymnastics, has received international acclaim.

Sandra Rutz worked as a veterinary assistant for 20 years before qualifying as a small animal physiotherapist in 2010. She specialised in working with dogs for two years before opening her own clinic. Now qualified as an osteopath, Sandra has focused on devising therapies for sports dogs. She works closely with handlers on training techniques, and is a much sought-after speaker on canine fitness.

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