Visiting the Dog Park: Having Fun, Staying Safe


by Cheryl S. Smith

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Visiting the Dog Park: Having Fun, Staying Safe

by Cheryl S. Smith

ISBN: 9781929242450

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

Publication Year: 2007

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 128

From the back cover:

“Taking your dog to a dog park is a great way to exercise and socialize your canine companion. Dog parks offer fresh air, open space, and freedom – a chance for your dog to be a dog. But not all dogs enjoy the experience and not all dog parks are safe for your dog. Visiting the Dog Park gives you detailed information so you can decide if your dog is ready for a dog park outing, whether the design of the park makes for safe play, and teaches you simple things you can do to prepare for a great dog park experience.

Learn practical skills

  • Evaluate your dog’s temperament to decide if he’s dog park-ready.
  • What design features a well-planned dog park should have.
  • Teach your dog four simple behaviors to make him dog park safe.
  • How to read canine body language to avoid problems.
  • Dog park etiquette for both dogs and humans.
  • BONUS! Information on small dogs in dog parks, conflict resolution, and how to avoid diseases at the park.”

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