Don’t Nag…TAG!: Success the First Time with TAGteach (R)


by Theresa McKeon


Don’t Nag…TAG!:  Success the First Time with TAGteach (R)

by Theresa McKeon

ISBN:  9781732097513

Publisher:  Theresa McKeon

Publication Year:  2018

Format:  Trade Paperback

Pages:  139

From the back cover:

“Success the First Time with TAGteach (R)

A revolutionary approach to instruction for coaches, teachers, leaders, and parents. TAGteach creates communication that virtually guarantees learners succeed – the first time.

‘Having stripped away the instructional noise, McKeon hands us the sharpest essentials to teach kindly and effectively. With the strategies in this book, students win.’ ~ Susan G. Friedman, PhD, Utah State University and Behavior+ Works

‘TAGteach has brought the essence of basic behavioural research to practical application in widely divergent areas of human development, including education, corporate training, athletic coaching industrial safety, and even orthopaedic surgery. The extent to which the Founders of this movement have been able to continuously adapt, improve, and apply this simplistic approach to new and different populations and applications is stunning.’ ~ Dr. Carl Binder, CEO, The Performance Thinking Network, LLC, Seattle, Washington

‘TAGteach is going to change the way I teach for the rest of my career. I recommend this to everybody.’ ~ Cheryl Anderson, Director of Instruction, Mike Bender Golf Academy, 2006 National LPGA Teacher of the Year

‘TAGteach is simply the most effective strategy we have used to teach our residents surgical tool skills. This is going to change forever how the medical industry trains its personnel.’ ~ I. Martin Levy, MD, Program Director and Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center, New York City, New York

‘Something that has helped my little girl to walk when others said she never would…Something that has helped my little girl engage with her environment, one she hardly used to take notice of…How to you explain the feeling of sheer joy as your little girl’s sensory meltdown turns into laughs and giggles before your very eyes? There are no words. TAGteach is our family’s champion.’ ~ Sean Pogson, Parent of a Child with Autism, Manchester, United Kingdom’

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