Adolescent Dog Survival Guide


by Sarah Whitehead


Adolescent Dog Survival Guide

by Sarah Whitehead

ISBN: 9781929242719

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

Publication Year: 2010

Format: Booklet

Pages: 17

From the Introduction:

“What happened? Your cute, fluffy puppy has suddenly turned into a wild-eyed monster, running off at every opportunity, deaf to your commands, pulling on the leash and chewing up your house. Your adorable pup now jumps up on visitors, steals food when you are not looking and does unspeakable things to every dog he meets – and all this just when you thought the training was finally paying off. Welcome to the world of doggie teenage angst! Welcome to adolescence!

Adolescence may be a challenging time for both owners and dogs, but it certainly doesn’t have to be a disaster. Despite all the changes that are occurring, with a few sensible steps and a big helping of patience, you will find that it is a temporary stage, and – just like with human teenagers – it will all come good in the end.”

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