The Relationship Centred Training Sampler 2012


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by Suzanne Clothier


The Relationship Centered Training Sampler 2012 DVD

by Suzanne Clothier

ISBN: 9780976548935

Publisher: Flying Dog Press

Publication Date: 2012

Format: DVD

Run Time: Approximately one hour

From the back cover:

“The Relationship Centered Training Sampler 2012 features approximately an hour of ideas, information and techniques from Suzanne Clothier, plus a review of her new DVD.


  • ‘How are you holding that leash?’ Leash handling for stability and control
  • ‘Go kiss Grandma’ Treats + scary = no fun for the dog
  • ‘Hi, nice to meet you!’ Suzanne’s Go Say Hi, 1-2-3 dog to dog greeting
  • ‘Who’s following who here?’ Follow Me and Ghost Handling for working with the dog’s mind
  • ‘What are we doing?’ Training thresholds and doing nothing
  • Preview: Arousal, Anxiety and Fear Empathy, understanding and options for the anxious or fearful dog
  • ‘Look, a pony!’ Gratuitous footage” 


Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 14 × 12.5 × .7 cm

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