Intro to Relationship Centered Training: 3 Core Concepts and 9 Keys


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by Suzanne Clothier


Intro to Relationship Centered Training: 3 Core Concepts & 9 Keys DVD

by Suzanne Clothier

ISBN: 9780976548942

Publisher: Flying Dog Press

Publication Date: 2013

Format: DVD

Run Time: 2 hours 30 minutes

From the back cover:

“‘Is it me? Is it my dog? Or both?’ Understanding your relationship with your dog is fundamental to effective & humane training. This 1/2 day seminar provides an introduction to Suzanne Clothier’s Relationship Centered Training (RCT)TM philosophy and techniques.

RCT sees the relationship through the lens of 3 core concepts and 9 keys:

  • Connection: Heartfelt, Awareness, Respect
  • Commitment: Attention, Responsibility, Trust
  • Communication: Information, Feedback, Consequences

RCT recognizes every relationship is unique. Knowing your specific challenges and strengths helps you choose appropriate solutions or techniques. A struggle with Communication, for example, requires a different approach than issues of Commitment.

This video is for anyone seeking new perspectives on life shared with dogs, anyone who wants a deeper understanding. RC puts the relationship at the center of all you do with your dog. And that can change everything.”

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