Train the dog in Front of You


by Denise Fenzi


Train the Dog in Front of You

by Denise Fenzi

ISBN: 9780988781887

Publisher: Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Publishing

Publication Year: 2016

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 138

From the back cover:

It’s not about what worked for your last dog. Or your neighbour’s dog. Or what your friend’s dog is achieving.

It’s not about who you were as a trainer yesterday, last week, or last year.

It’s about training the dog you have now, directly in front of you.

It’s about finding joy and understanding within each training session so that you can progress toward your goals.

It’s about creating a plan that ultimately allows you to reach success together as a competition dog sports team.

This book will guide you through a process that considers your dog on a wide variety of dimensions, and then offers solutions to help your dog become as amenable to training as possible.

We will directly address the question, ‘How might you best train THIS dog?’

The answer is complex, fascinating, and attainable.”

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