The Stress Factor in Dogs: Unlocking Resiliency and Enhancing Well-Being


by Kristina Spaulding, PhD, CAAB


The Stress Factor in Dogs:  Unlocking Resiliency and Enhancing Well-Being

by Kristina Spaulding, PhD, CAAB

ISBN: 9781617813184

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

Publication Year:  2022

Format:  Trade Paperback

Pages:  190

From the back cover:

How Stress Impacts Dogs – And What to Do About It

These days the idea of “based on research” has become very important in our lives. The same is true when it comes to dogs and is one of the primary themes of The Stress Factor in Dogs: Unlocking Resiliency and Enhancing Well-Being by Kristina Spaulding. Kristina has dug deep into the scientific literature on stress in dogs and other animals to provide readers the understanding of what stress is, the types of stress there are (they are not all bad!), and when and how it impacts dogs in a variety of environments. But best of all, it shows how dog owners can take this information to make their dogs more resilient and lead more enriched lives. We think owners and dog professionals will find the research and conclusions provided in the book very valuable.

“Kristina Spaulding has done dog lovers and dogs a huge favor by writing The Stress Factor in Dogs. Chock full of accessible science, it is one of the most important books to come out about dog behavior in a long time. Even if you know a lot about this topic, I guarantee you, you’ll learn even more. If you work with dogs or have a dog who doesn’t spend his entire life in a Valium-like haze of happiness, get this book. It is a triumph!” – Patricia McConnell, PhD, CAAB, author of The Education of Will and The Other End of the Leash

The Stress Factor in Dogs is a thorough dive into the science of stress, but it goes well beyond that. It is also designed to give people the tools they need to help their dogs live happier, less stressful lives. It is a step-by-step explanation of how your dog got where he or she is today, and what you can do to make things better. Whether you are a professional helping clients with their dogs, or you share your life with dogs and want to understand them better, this is the book for you. It is an invaluable resource that should be on everyone’s bookshelf.” – Irith Bloom, CPDT-KSA and author of You and Your Puppy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising a Freak’n Awesome Dog

About the Author:

Dr. Kristina Spaulding lives in upstate New York with her human family and three dogs. She offers a variety of online courses and webinars on the science of behavior through her website, In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with her dogs and reading.

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