SoundsGood CD: Puppy Habituation


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by Terry Ryan


SoundsGood CD:  Puppy Habituation

**Cracked CD Case**

by Terry Ryan

Publisher: Legacy Canine Behavior & Training

Publication Year: 2004

Format: CD

From the back cover:

“Puppies are impressionable. As in human child development, early experiences can influence a pup’s current and future outlook on life. Windows of learning opportunities are opening and closing at a rapid rate. Take advantage of these critical periods by providing an enriched but non-frightening learning environment. This CD will help get your puppy used to a variety of everyday sounds. Please take the time to listen to all the instructions on the first track of the CD before you start to work with your dog.”

Additional information

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Dimensions 12.4 × 14.2 × 1 cm

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