Retrieving for All Occasions: Study Guide Part II – Intermediate


by Elsa Blomster and Lena Gunnarsson

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Retrieving for All Occasions:  Study Guide Part II – Intermediate

by Elsa Blomster and Lena Gunnarsson

ISBN:  9789198580372

Publisher:  Klicker Forlaget

Publication Year:  2020

Format:  Booklet

Pages:  33

From the back cover:

“Do you lack training inspiration, or do you know that you easily slip into training the things that you and your dog have already mastered? Have you and your dog gotten started with the hunting training, but would like to progress further? Are you an instructor and want advice on how to set up an intermediate course based on Retrieving for All Occasions?

Then this is the study guide for you! You will get eight training setups that you can try with your dog and then evaluate. Based on what you come up with in your evaluation, you will then receive help on how to improve what was challenging and how to work with the things your dog did not manage. You will also get tips on how you can move on if your dog sailed through the setup.

Working through the training setups and exercises suggested in the study guide, you will

  • Improve your ability to analyze what you actually need to work on
  • Work on what you and your dog actually need
  • Improve your ability to adapt your training for your dog
  • Get new training inspiration!

The study guide is based on the book Retrieving for All Occasions and you need it to be able to fully use the study guide.”

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