On Course to Excel: Advanced Handling Techniques to Give You and Your Dog the Skills and Knowledge to Excel in Agility DVD


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by Greg Derrett


On Course to Excel: Advanced Handling Techniques to Give You and Your Dog the Skills and Knowledge to Excel in Agility DVD

by Greg Derrett

Publisher: GT Agility

Publication Year: 2012

Format: DVD

Run Time: 2 hours

From the back cover:

On Course to Excel is the fourth DVD in Greg Derrett’s series on dog agility training and follows directly from The Winning Combination.’ This DVD covers the final stages of Greg’s internationally renowned handling system. Following on from the handling required to take you to the highest level shown in The Winning Combination, Greg takes you through the training of combining these handling manoeuvres. Course analysis and handling is discussed in full with the theory of how to make decisions on course relating to the dog’s fastest path. Courses taken from recent national and international events are analysed and handling strategy is discussed and explained. Each course is then run to show you the theory and methods in practice. The DVD finished with Greg sharing insight into some of his runs at the highest level. Not only the successful runs but runs that went wrong and the reasons why. This DVD will help you take all the information presented in the previous DVDs and give you and your dog the skills and knowledge to excel on any agility course.

Greg has been incredibly successful in the Agility World and has attained an Advanced Studies Diploma in Animal Behavior. His methods of training and handling are based on clearly defined principles and have kept him at the top of British Agility since the early 1990’s. This success has also been replicated by his clients both on an individual and team basis, on national and international levels.

If you are looking to compete in agility at any level, to understand handling and be able to analyse agility courses – this is the DVD for you!

  • Advanced Training drills to improve both your application of handling as well as your dog’s understanding.
  • Clear and precise rules to enable you as a handler to choose the fastest path for your dog.
  • In-depth explanation of course strategy.
  • Detailed diagrams to explain the decisions on dog’s path and handling choices.
  • Independent contact and weave drills.
  • Comprehensive instruction on course walking.
  • Slow motion shots to show precise timing.
  • Footage and analysis from actual events.
  • Booklets containing all exercises.”

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