Jumping Grid Workbook


by Susan Salo

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Jumping Grid Workbook

by Susan Salo

ISBN: 9781892694355

Publisher: Clean Run Productions, LLC

Publication Year: 2014

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 151

From the back cover:

“The jumping book that trainers have been asking for – a comprehensive reference for Susan Salo’s jumping grids that will help you get even more out of her DVDs, and also help you make the transition from foundation and advanced gridwork to adding motion and handling to your gridwork.

Drills of some sort are a constant part of any athletic endeavor to maintain the reliability and precision of the skill sets required by the sport. In agility, jumping skills are no different than contact skills and weave pole entry skills – we must set aside time for the dogs to practice the skills separately from course and sequence work.

The grids in this workbook are intended to give you a means of isolating the various aspects of jumping mechanics and allow time for your dog to practice jumping skills in a quiet, encouraging environment. Practicing gridwork gives your dog an opportunity to focus on his jumping skills so he can develop understanding and confidence, and ultimately speed. It also aids in the development and maintenance of the muscles and core strength necessary for successful jumping.

All of the lines and patterns that are offered in this workbook will ultimately present themselves on agility courses in the form of straight lines, bending lines, and slices. As you teach your dog to always be looking ahead, he will begin to recognize these patterns no matter how they may be presented in the agility ring, and he will be able to confidently accomplish them with ease of motion. Patience and training time spent on gridwork will pay off in huge dividends later.

This workbook also includes six lesson plans to guide you in creating your own jumping program for a new dog, a dog having jumping problems, a dog that needs tuning up before a big competition, or a dog that just needs regular maintenance work.”

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