Animal Training: Successful Animal Management through Positive Reinforcement


by Ken Ramirez


Animal Training:  Successful Animal Management through Positive Reinforcement

by Ken Ramirez

ISBN: 9781890948528

Publisher: Karen Pryor Clicker Training

Publication Year:  1999

Format:  Trade Paperback

Pages:  578

From the back cover:

Animal Training:  Successful Animal Management through Positive Reinforcement is packed with information for training just about any kind of animal. Produced for professional animal trainers and animal behavior/husbandry students, this book focuses on sound operant-conditioning training principles. Organised around critical skills essential to successful animal training, this experience-based book is an indispensable resource for all animal training practitioners. The list of contributors reads like a “who’s who” in animal training today.

Animal Training:  Successful Animal Management through Positive Reinforcement

  • Shows how to develop an overall strategy for animal training
  • Offers an innovative and successful approach to animal training
  • Explains husbandry training processes using operant conditioning
  • Uses real examples of human-animal interaction in positive reinforcement training
  • Provides a comprehensive collection of articles and readings on animal training

About the Author:

Ken Ramirez is the Executive Vice-President (EVP) and Chief Training Officer of Karen Pryor Clicker Training (KPCT) where he oversees the vision, development, and implementation of education programs for the organization. A 40+-year veteran of animal care and training, Ken is a biologist and animal behaviorist who has overseen or consulted on training projects for zoological organizations worldwide. He began his career with guide dogs for the visually impaired and continues to work with organisations training dogs for service work, search-and-rescue, bomb detection, and narcotic detection. Ken has also maintained a close affiliation with pet training throughout his career. Before KPDT, Ken served as EVP of Animal Care and Animal Training at Chicago’s She’d Aquarium for 25+ years. There he developed and supervised animal care/animal health programs, staff training/development, and public programs for more than 32, 000 animals. Ken has written for numerous scientific publications, authored countless articles, and has been active in several professional organisations, including as a past president of the International Marine Animal Trainer’s Association (IMATA). He is actively involved in creating a certification process for animal trainers in zoological settings. Currently, Ken is developing programming at The Ranch, the Karen Pryor National Training Center in the state of Washington.

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