The Science of Consequences: How They Affect Genes, Change the Brain, and Impact Our World


by Susan M. Schneider


The Science of Consequences:  How They Affect Genes, Change the Brain, and Impact Our World

by Susan M. Schneider

ISBN:  9781616146627

Publisher:  Prometheus Books

Publication Year:  2012

Format:  Trade Paperback

Pages:  383

From the back cover:

” ‘This engaging, thoroughly researched book could not be more timely or useful…Bringing the timeless contributions of B.F. Skinner into the twenty-first century, [Schneider] shows how the relationship between the brain and behavior is a two-way street, how change really happens, and why a proper  understanding of consequences can improve our lives, relationships, and society.’ – Carol Tavris, coauthor of Mistakes Were Made (but Not by Me)

‘A remarkable book.  Skinner might have won over far more people had he had The Science of Consequences in his arsenal.  It’s marvelous.’ – Paul Chance, former editor of Psychology Today and author of Learning and Behavior

‘With humor and compassion…[Schneider] demonstrates the power and subtlety of the science of consequences, showing how its principles can be mobilized to improve and enrich our lives.’ – Eva Jablonka, coauthor of Evolution in Four Dimensions

‘While the research in this area often can be difficult to digest, Schneider’s writing style, everyday examples, and humor make it easy. I truly enjoyed this book; it’s an important contribution to advancing understanding about the fundamental laws of behavior.  A good read on an important topic.’ – Aubrey C. Daniels, author of Bringing Out the Best in People

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