The Science and Technology of Animal Training


by James O’Heare


The Science and Technology of Animal Training

by James O’Heare

ISBN:  9781927744062

Publisher:  BehaveTech Publishing

Publication Year:  2015

Format:  Trade Paperback

Pages:  319

From the back cover:

The Science and Technology of Animal Training is a Masters level textbook, written to help students of animal training and established professionals alike expand their repertoire of knowledge and skills in the natural science of behavior and the applied technology derived from it in training companion animals. It does not present fads or proprietary ‘one-true-way’ ‘systems.’ It provides a thorough introduction to basic through to advanced laws, principles, strategies and techniques in added reinforcement-emphasized companion animal training. It covers all of the foundational behaviors for training dogs, cats, birds, horses and humans with detailed instructions. It covers advanced training procedures such as shaping, chaining and sequencing in depth. It provides a set of hands-on trainer exercises to help the trainer develop their skills and there is a Study Questions book available for trainers to work through on their own or in a classroom environment.”

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