Ring Ready: An Obedience Workbook


by Marie Sawford


Ring Ready:  An Obedience Workbook

by Marie Sawford

Publisher:  Dog Sport Publications

Publication Year:  2003

Format:  Coilbound Paperback

Pages:  335

From the back cover:

“Are you Ring Ready? When mistakes happen, look at your end of the leash first.

Ring Ready is an obedience ‘cookbook’ organised to help you quickly find the right ingredient to help your dog better understand and perform each skill, Marie Sawford’s problem-solving and proofing ideas for all obedience levels enable you to address problems and prepare to trial.

Ring Ready offers:

  • Handling and training tips for common mistakes in each exercise
  • Proofing and distraction drills
  • Group drills for you and your friends to try together
  • Winter training ideas to keep your dog tuned up in a small space
  • Games to enhance your relationship with your dog

Ring Ready is full of useful information on training for the obedience ring and addresses the common problems in each exercise. I particularly enjoyed the games section that offers many ideas to spice up training sessions. Ring Ready definitely belongs in every obedience enthusiast’s library!’ ~ Rita Susanto, Winner of the World Series and four-time winner of the HIT of HITs”

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