Mungo’s Snuffle Mat – Level 2


Made in Canada by Mungo’s Books for Dog People



Mungo’s Snuffle Mat – Level 2

Level 2 has longer strips than Level 1, creating a more extensive search and a greater challenge for your dog.

A Snuffle Mat is a foraging feeder for dogs.  Feed your dog’s meals in this, toss in some treats to provide enrichment throughout the day, or occupy your pet when you’re busy.

Sprinkle dry dog food on to the mat and ruffle the strips of fleece to shake it in.  (Dehydrated food works well for raw feeders.)  Your dog uses her nose to search through the fleece strips and find the pieces of food.

Stimulate your dog’s brain, give an outlet for scent drive, and channel excess energy.  Increasing mental stimulation can reduce problem behaviours!  Sometimes we forget that we need to exercise the mind as much as the body, and people are often surprised by how much of a difference this can make.

Some dogs need a bit of guidance to learn how to use the mat properly.  Gently interrupt attempts to pick up the mat or pull the strips, and redirect your dog to seeking food.  You can step on a corner of the mat to prevent grabbing.  The mat can also be tied to a solid object to encourage searching without picking up the mat.

IMPORTANT:  Supervise during use and remove the mat when your dog is done.  This product is NOT for chewing.  Most dogs are so focused on seeking food that they don’t try to chew the mat, but removing it when they have finished will remove the temptation to play with or chew the mat.  Remove any damaged strips.  If your dog is destructive, please use common sense.

CARE:  Machine wash your Snuffle Mat and lay out to dry, or hand-wash with dish soap and rinse.  Rubber base must be kept away from heat sources, so do not put in the dryer.

Snuffle Mats are also great for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots & other animals!

Mungo’s Snuffle Mats are made in Canada by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, with quality fleece tied on to a rubber base.  Enrichment has always been a big part of what we do, so producing our own line of enrichment products allows us to provide you with excellent options for your dogs.

Mungo’s Snuffle Mats are available in multiple levels and sizes, and gorgeous colours!

  • Mungo’s Snuffle Mat Level 1 (12″x12″ base)
  • Mungo’s Snuffle Mat Level 2 (12″x12″ base)
  • Mungo’s Snuffle Mat To Go Level 1 (6″x6″ base)
  • Mungo’s Snuffle Mat To Go Level 2 (6″x6″ base)

Level 1 Snuffle Mats have shorter strips for tiny dogs, for cats or for beginners who lack confidence in searching.

Level 2 Snuffle Mats have longer strips for more of a challenge.  We recommend this level for the majority of dogs.

To Go Snuffle Mats are ideal for travelling, in the car, at training classes & sports trials and for smaller animals.

Please note that shades may vary, based upon fleece availability.

Please ensure that you are ordering the correct size, level and colour combination of your Snuffle Mat. 🙂


Additional information

Weight .85 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 7 cm
Colour Combination

Rainbow, Red/Yellow/Blue, Red/Yellow/Green/Blue, Red/Pink, Red/Pink/Light Pink, Red/Pink/Orange, Red/Pink/Yellow, Red/Orange/Yellow, Pink/Orange/Yellow, Pink/Orange/Purple, Pink/Yellow/Turquoise, Orange/Yellow/Blue, Yellow/Black, Greens, Yellow/Green/Blue, Green/Turquoise/Blue, Blues, Green/Blue/Purple, Red/Turquoise/Blue, Red/Aqua/Navy, Orange/Blue/Light Blue, Purples, Pink/Purple/Light Purple, Pink/Light Pink/Purple, Black/Grey/Cream

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