Mind Games for Dogs


by Sarah Whitehead


Mind Games for Dogs

by Sarah Whitehead

ISBN:  9781617810633

Publisher:  Dogwise Publishing

Publication Year:  2012

Format:  Booklet

Pages:  17

From the Introduction:

“Bored dogs get into trouble. Bright and active dogs get into mischief. Without enough to keep them occupied, dogs of all types will go self-employed: raiding the bin, digging holes in the garden, barking for attention – or 101 other behaviors we wish they wouldn’t do.

This booklet was inspired by one of my own dogs – Jackson. At the age of five months, he needed extensive surgery for a hip problem. Of course, the post-op phase meant much-reduced exercise and presented me with the challenge of how to keep a young and enthusiastic pup occupied – while keeping my shoes safe from being chewed!

Dogs in the wild face puzzles every day. They have to find food, water and a safe place to sleep. Our dogs have all this provided: they get their food in a dish, their water is always available and their cozy basket sits in the corner. Dogs need to use their brains to keep occupied, happy, and well-balanced.

The ideas in this booklet are perfect for dogs that can’t have as much exercise as they would like and as a foundation for those that are hyperactive or have behavioral problems.

Most of all, these mind games are designed to be fun, fast and effective for all dogs to enjoy!”

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