Flatwork: Foundation for Agility


by Barb Levenson

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Flatwork: Foundation for Agility

by Barb Levenson

ISBN: 9781617812354

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

Publication Year: 2007

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 78

From the back cover:

Flatwork: Foundation for Agility isn’t about the obstacles; it’s about what happens between the obstacles. Your dog spends more time between the obstacles running with you on the flat than he does performing the obstacles. It’s on the flat, after all, that you set up your dog’s approach to the next obstacle. It’s on the flat where you as a handler do most of your job guiding the dog. Performing flatwork successfully requires excellent communications between dog and handler.

Flatwork: Foundation for Agility is also about developing a communication system with your dog as you teach him each agility maneuver without the distraction of obstacles. As you follow this training program, you will develop a set of cues and movements that indicate specific behaviors to the dog, and you will become aware of exactly what your body is really ‘saying’ to your dog.

Flatwork is your agility foundation, teaching you how to handle and how to make all your body language clear, consistent, coherent, and timely while also teaching your dog how to take direction and stay with you on course.”

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