Fear in Dogs: Theories, Protocols and Solutions


by Lynda Taylor, MSc


Fear in Dogs:  Theories, Protocols and Solutions

by Lynda Taylor, MSc

ISBN:  9781910488591

Publisher:  First Stone Publishing

Publication Year:  2020

Format:  Trade Paperback

Pages:  120

From the back cover:

“A dog can be fearful for many different  reasons but one thing is certain: unless help is forthcoming, both dog, and owner, are destined to a life of anxiety and compromise.

Unfortunately we cannot re-write. history and erase the hereditary factors, nor the social/environmental experiences, that have resulted in fearful responses. But we can address each situation, discover the triggers that lead to fearful behaviour and find a strategy that will, in time, give the dog a fresh outlook.

in Fear in Dogs, Lynda Taylor uses her extensive experience to give guidance to both owners of fearful dogs, and behaviourists who are working with clients. Beginning with the purpose and causes of fear in dogs, and its physiological basis, she then switches focus to the human side of the equation, and examines what part we play in either improving the situation or making it worse.

Drawing on research from leading practitioners, Lynda examines the training methods that can be used with fearful dogs, including desensitisation, counter conditioning and habituation, illustrating these with case histories and in-depth analysis. Lynda also outlines her own strategy, the targeted approach protocol (TAP) which has received international approbation.

Fear in Dogs concludes with a summary of psychopharmacological options and complementary therapies that can be used with fearful dogs, and, most importantly, there is a chapter devoted to ‘don’t go there’ techniques to steer both owners, and behaviourists, from the many pitfalls that may arise when working with fearful dogs.

Praise for Fear in Dogs

‘I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! It’s a very complete and easy to use resource for understanding and working with fearful dogs. From neuroscience to learning theory to hands-on training, Lynda offers such a comprehensive and well-done guide for both professionals and pet owners wanting to help their dog. Tons of useful case studies make the science come alive. You will find yourself returning to this book again and again.’ ~ Leslie McDevitt, MLA, CDBC, CPDT-KA, TAGteach, author of the Control Unleashed series”

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