Sports Dog New Tricks: Training to Sharpen Performance


by Richard Curtis


Sports Dog New Tricks:  Training to Sharpen Performance

by Richard Curtis

ISBN:  9781910488584

Publisher:  First Stone Publishing

Publication Year:  2020

Format:  Trade Paperback

Pages:  119

From the back cover:

“Trick training is a fun activity for both you, and your dog, but do you have time for it when there is so much to teach in your chosen discipline? The answer should be an emphatic yes! Trick training can play a key role in enhancing performance in your chosen sport.

Top international canine freestyle handler, Richard Curtis, has devised a series of tricks especially for competition dogs, which are designed to fine-tune both mental and motor skills. His step-by-step advice is backed by a wealth of illustrations to show you exactly what to do.

There are tricks to develop:

  • Motivation
  • Body awareness
  • Core strength, stretching and flexibility
  • Focus and thinking

There is also a series of low impact tricks for older dogs and for dogs that require rehabilitation.

Richard’s instructions are easy to follow, and with his expert guidance, you can enjoy fun training sessions while building your dog’s mental strength, his confidence and his fitness.

This book is superbly illustrated with more than 300 colour photos.”

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Dimensions 25 × 18.8 × .9 cm

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