Downward, Dog!: How to Deal with a Dog that Jumps Up


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by Mike Deathe CPDT-KA

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Downward, Dog!: How to Deal with a Dog that Jumps Up

by Mike Deathe CPDT-KA

ISBN: 9781499902662

Publisher: FastPencil Publishing

Publication Year: 2016

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 48

From the back cover:

“This book is for all the folks who cringe when the doorbell rings, because they realize that the games are about to being…Whether you have a dog who rushes the door barking like a maniac, or the dog who jumps up on every single guest that comes into your home. This book will give you simple and easy techniques to get the problem under control. It will even work if you are the only person that your dog jumps on!

It will take time and practice so if you are looking for a quick fix, I cannot help you. But if you put in the time and work with your pooch I promise that this is a problem that can and will get fixed, because you are going to make doing-the-right-thing more fun for Fido than all that other stuff that is driving you crazy.

So take a deep breath, flip the page and let’s get to teaching how to achieve ‘Downward Dog’!”

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