The Nosework Dog Performance Journal


by Fred Helfers

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The Nosework Dog Performance Journal

by Fred Helfers

ISBN: 9780996189903

Publisher: Fred Helfers

Publication Year:  2015

Format:  Coilbound Paperback

Pages:  86

From the page 1:

This journal is written to help the Nosework dog handler who wishes to excel in their performance with their dog.

It was created from professional record keeping and performance logs that I have designed, written and utilised for over 30 years handling and training professional detection dogs and their handlers.

Experience has shown that mental images or proficiency skills that are recorded or written down have a lasting impact on us. Of course the journal is only as good as the information provided by the handler and written in a timely and consistent. manner with a goal in mind. This journal should not be viewed as a diary of handling a Nosework dog. Rather the journal should document the application or utilization of the dog team.

The journal should reflect the following:

  • How often a detection team trains.
  • What sources of door the team trains on.
  • Where they train.
  • When they train.
  • The duration of the training session.
  • What was the outcome of the training session?

The journal would also describe training drills/exercises that both worked and didn’t. Most importantly the journal will reflect the handler’s GOAL for that training session. Writing a goal for the nosework team give the handler an analytical tool that over time allows the handler to track their team’s progress and presents a powerful tool to positively impact the training sessions.

About the Author:

Fred Helfers started training and handling detection canines in 1982 while working in law enforcement. Fred trained and worked two drug detection canines during his 28 years in law enforcement. Over the past 30 years Fred has expanded his knowledge of detection canines by training canines and handlers in the fields of drug detection, insect detection, natural gas detection and accelerant detection.

Further, for over 20 years Fred operated a professional detection dog training kennel and training facility for police officers, training drug detection and accelerant detection canines and their handlers. Fred’s passion and recognized expertise in training detection canine teams has led him to conduct training seminars and classes throughout United States, Canada, Australia and Brazil.

Fred is the past president of the Washington State Police Canine Association and the founding President – President Emeritus of the Pacific Northwest Police Detection Dog Association ( Fred’s recognized expertise in the training of detection canines and handlers led to Fred being appointed as a member of the Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal Factors ( and as a member of Organization of Scientific Area Committee (OSAC – Dogs and Sensors Group). Fred has judged numerous detection canine competitions from the World Police and Fire games (Detection Canines) in Vancouver, Canada to the National Invitational K9Nosework(R) Trials in Santa Rose, CA. Over the past 32 years, Fred Helfers has trained literally hundreds of professional canines and their handlers. Along with being recognized as a master trainer in detection canines Fred is a certified Nose Work Instructor for NACSW in Tucson, AZ.

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