SoundsGood CD: Fireworks


by Terry Ryan


SoundsGood CD:  Fireworks

by Terry Ryan

Publisher: Legacy Canine Behavior & Training

Publication Year: 2004

Format: CD

From the back cover:

“Welcome to the Legacy Canine SoundsGood desensitization training CD. You’ve noticed your dog is worried about certain noises. The intent of this CD series is to provide a convenient tool to help desensitize your dog to those noises. This CD will help you systematically desensitize your dog by exposing her to successive approximations of the disturbing sound. Counter conditioning techniques will help your dog have a different, more relaxed reaction to the sounds that are worrisome. Please take the time to listen to all of the instructions on the first band of the CD before you start to work with your dog.”

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 12.4 × 14.2 × 1 cm

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