How to Raise a Puppy: A Dog-centric Approach **COMING SOON!**

by Stephanie Rousseau and Turid Rugaas


How to Raise a Puppy: A Dog-centric Approach

by Stephanie Rousseau and Turid Rugaas

**This title is COMING SOON!** 🙂 Please e-mail to be placed on the pre-order list.

ISBN: 9781032304496

Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Year:  2022

Format:  Trade Paperback

Pages:  160

From the back cover:

How to Raise a Puppy moves away from the traditional approach to raising puppies, focused on obedience and control, and instead takes an holistic, dog-centred approach. Drawing on research into how dogs naturally rear their young, and how dogs have evolved to behave and spend their time, it supports a new way of sharing our lives with our dogs. It also offers advice on dealing with some of the common challenges people experience with puppies, and tips for managing adolescence.

A much-needed resource for dog trainers, veterinarians and behaviourists to recommend to clients, this conveys a powerful message to help overcome all too common issues so many people have with their puppies. Packed with practical advice, it offers an overdue “puppy perspective”, with respect for a dog as a sentient being at its core.

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