Dog Are From Neptune, 2nd Edition


by Jean Donaldson


Dogs Are From Neptune, 2nd Edition

by Jean Donaldson

ISBN: 9781929242658

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

Publication Year: 2009

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 157

From the back cover:

“Dogdom’s most influential dog trainer and behaviorist, Jean Donaldson, is back with a newly revised and expanded edition of her popular Dogs Are From Neptune. In 41 essays, Jean highlights the common and frequently wrong-headed notions people have about why dogs behave the way they do, and explains what really motivates your pooch and how to change behavior. Jean’s innovative ideas are delivered via quirky and witty – but always scientifically based – essays that will help create ‘Aha!’ moments for every dog lover on earth. If you loved Jean’s best selling The Culture Clash, you will enjoy learning more about the dogs who inhabit planet Neptune and the people who don’t!

Your dog is from Neptune – narrow the gap by learning more about:

  • The truth – and power – of consequences and how you can use them to train your dog.
  • The best ways to deal with common problem behaviors including guarding, separation anxiety and fear.
  • Why you should be skeptical of anyone whose training techniques and philosophies sound appealing but cannot be backed up with scientific evidence.
  • Dispelling common myths associated with using food in training, dominance and whether playing tug with your dog really encourages aggression.
  • While we may be on different planets, learn how the fundamentals of behavior often apply equally to dogs and people.
  • Why it seems that owners become more attentive trainers when they dress their dogs in costumes!”

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