Coaching People to Train Their Dogs: Practical Information and Expert Advice for Dog Training Instructors, Second Edition


by Terry Ryan

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Coaching People to Train Their Dogs: Practical Information & Expert Advice for Dog Training Instructors, Second Edition

by Terry Ryan

ISBN: 9780974246420

Publisher: Legacy Canine Behavior & Training, Inc.

Publication Year: 2008

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 406

From the back cover:

“‘Thoroughly researched and thoughtfully written, this text is an excellent survey of the many boggling complexities of dog training in the twenty-first century.’ – Jean Donaldson, Director of The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Academy for Dog Trainers

‘Terry Ryan presents a dog training manual chock full of what must be the widest array of training tactics ever collected in one book. The illustrations delightfully convey details of information beyond what words could ever do, and add greatly to the book’s appeal. This book is, as Terry describes it, a ‘resource manual’ – and belongs, dog-eared, on every dog trainer’s desk.’ – Lorna and Ray Coppinger, Authors, Dogs

Coaching People is a terrific addition to the growing body of excellent dog-and-people training books based on the scientific principles of behavior and learning. Factual, readable, informative – I’m adding it to my required reading list for Interns and Apprentices.’ – Pat Miller, CPDT, Past President Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Author, Power of Positive Dog Training

‘Terry Ryan has always been a leader in the field of dog training and dog training class instruction. What Terry has brought to the dog world is an integration of all the elements necessary for people to be successful with their dogs: the individual temperaments of the dogs, the individual personalities and learning styles of the humans, and dog training techniques that are fun, effective, motivating and successful, Success in the classroom means success in the home; success in the home means success in the relationship, which means a lasting, loving and permanent bond between the dog and owner.’ – Sue Sternberg, President, Roundout Kennels”

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