Brain Teasers for Dogs: Quick and Easy Homemade Puzzle Games


by Christina Sondermann


Brain Teasers for Dogs:  Quick and Easy Homemade Puzzle Games

by Christina Sondermann

ISBN:  9781846892721

Publisher:  Quiller

Publication Year:  2017

Format:  Trade Paperback

Pages:  113

From the back cover:

  • Endless puzzle fun with lots of variations
  • Tricky games that can be played with everyday items found n your home
  • To stimulate and entertain your dog

Challenge your dog’s brain – very easily at home!

In this book you will find lots of quick, uncomplicated brain teaser ideas, which are guaranteed to challenge your four-legged friend’s grey matter properly. You already have everything you need – who would have thought that there was so much thinking power in everyday objects?

Learn how initial game ideas can become completely different puzzle experiences through small variations, and experience endless puzzle fun – your dog will love you for it!

Become a game inventor!

About the Author:

The well-known author Christina Sondermann has been working on ways to keep dogs occupied for years. She is a specialist in easily realisable and suitable everyday game ideas. Her website is well regarded by many dog owners and makes the dog world a more colourful and happier place. It contains lots more information about how to create even more puzzles to keep your dog’s brain challenged!

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