Your Baby and Bowser


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by Stephen C. Rafe

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Your Baby and Bowser

by Stephen C. Rafe

ISBN:  9781577790457

Publisher:  Alpine Publications Inc.

Publication Year:  2004

Format:  Trade Paperback

Pages:  104

From the back cover:

“Every dog owner should read this book, but if you have – or expect to have – children or grandchildren this book’s preventative wisdom is as necessary as fire insurance.” ~ Richard K. Lore, Ph.D., retired Professor of Psychology, Rutgers University

“I couldn’t put it down. Here is a book by an author with extensive theoretical knowledge of the subject together with a wealth of practical experience at his command. His insistence on a positive approach in the training regime is admirable…If you re having a baby, and the family dog doesn’t know yet, read the book and then get to work. Bowser now has prenatal classes too!” ~ David Neil, MRCVS, Professor Emeritus in Veterinary Medicine, University of Alberta and former Director of Animal Care, Colorado State University

“Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming in and of itself…Your Baby and Bowser coaches new parents on how to manage all their children, human and canine.” ~ Gail Clark, Ph.D., professional behavioural consultant, It’s A Dog’s World

Your Baby and Bowser tells expectant parents how to help the family dog adapt to the myriad changes soon to come. Stephen Rafe explains why punishment does not work and how to ensure that the dog associates positive experiences with the baby…essential information to help expectant parents prepare the family dog for the new arrival and keep both baby and dog safe and happy.” ~ Joan Orr, M.Sc. and Teresa Lewin, Co-founders, Doggone Safe dog bite prevention education


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