Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health


by Tom Lonsdale

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Raw Meaty Bones:  Promote Health

by Tom Lonsdale

ISBN:  0646396242

Publisher:  Rivetco P/L

Publication Year:  2001

Format:  Trade Paperback

Pages:  389

From the back cover:

“Tom Lonsdale admits he was slow to recognise problems associated with feeding canned and dry pet foods. As a 1972 graduate of the Royal Veterinary College, London, he followed conventional teaching but by the late 1980s a series of ‘wake up calls’ alerted him to the dangers. Together with a small group of veterinarians, the Raw Meaty Bone Lobby, he set out to research the facts.

Then as now vested interests were the main obstacle to obtaining information and alerting the community. It also became apparent that ‘science’ can stand in the way of progress and systems intended to protect pets and the community can do the opposite. ‘The truth is rarely pure, and never simple,’ said Oscar Wilde, but this book lets the truth speak for itself as it lifts the lid on the pet food industry/veterinary profession alliance.

A majority of pets suffer periodontal and other diet-related diseases – most have putrid breath, some develop Fourth-mouth AIDS. In 1993 the Australian Veterinary Association reported:

‘Periodontal diseases is arguably the most common disease condition seen in small animal practice and its effects on the gums and teeth can significantly affect the health and well being of affected animals. This is sufficient in itself to give reason for concern. Proof of additional systemic effects is not necessary to justify further actions.’

But the authorities are slow to act. This book explains why, and the practical solutions pet owners and veterinarians can adopt for themselves. If you own a pet, of know someone who does, this book’s for you.”

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