Vaccine Guide for Dogs and Cats: What Every Pet Lover Should Know


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by Catherine J.M. Diodati, MA

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Vaccine Guide for Dogs & Cats: What Every Pet Lover Should Know

by Catherine J.M. Diodati, MA

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Foreword by Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD, Director Animal Natural Care Center

ISBN: 1881217345

Publisher: New Atlantean Press

Publication Year: 2003

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 127

From the back cover:

“Many veterinarians, both conventional and holistic, are questioning the validity of annual revaccination. They are moving away from this arbitrary recommendation which is unsupported by  science. Many also refuse to use certain vaccines because the disease in question is either so benign or rare that the risks associated with vaccination can outweigh any promised benefit. This important book provides information on all canine and feline vaccines. It includes several stories of vaccine damage to family pets, as well as hundreds of studies documenting veterinary vaccine safety and efficacy problems. As a concerned pet owner, you can now make informed decisions about the health and welfare of your precious four-legged friends.”

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