Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs


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by Malena DeMartini-Price, CTC


Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

by Malena DeMartini-Price, CTC

ISBN: 9781617811432

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

Publication Year: 2014

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 180

From the back cover:

“Treating separation anxiety in dogs is not quick or easy – but it can be done. The successful ingredients are cooperation, commitment and time on the part of the dog trainer and the owners. In this important book, author Malena DeMartini-Price shares her 5 Phase Treatment Protocol and related strategies to help dogs overcome the fear of being left alone and addresses the trauma it can inflict on both the dogs and their owners. Trainer handouts, detailed step-by-step training tips and a sample of initial interview questionnaire are included.

Learn about:

  • The critical role that ‘suspending absences’ play in the early part of the treatment plan and how owners and trainers can make this more manageable.
  • How dog trainers can make the treatment of separation anxiety in dogs a specialized business.
  • The role that management techniques and medications can play to help support the recommended behavior modification strategies.
  • How technology, including remote feeding devices and web cams, can be used to monitor a dog’s progress in overcoming his fear of being alone.”

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