Tracking From the Ground Up


by Sandy Ganz & Susan Boyd



Tracking From the Ground Up

by Sandy Ganz & Susan Boyd

Publisher:  Show-Me Publications

Publication Year:  1992

Format:  Trade Paperback

Pages:  169

From the Introduction:

“This book contains step-by-step lesson plans, personal tracking experiences and actual problem prevention and solving. Our basic training philosophy provides the opportunity for the dog to be accurate and well motivated in his work while both he and the handler enjoy tracking together.

We have run into a wide variety of situations and conditions at tests that we never found in print. As a result, we thought it would be valuable to share our experiences, both good and bad. We want to give others an advantage we did not have with our first dogs; offer alternative training methods, and the provide the tracking community with a realistic and usable book.

…We have found these training methods successful for our own dogs and those owned by other with whom we have worked. They are a conglomerate of our own inventions added to ideas we have drawn from many trainers and trackers. If we are emphatic about motivation and breaking training into small parts, it is only because these elements and techniques have been so important. We hope that you will find them as viable as we have.

This book takes the tracker through all phases of training including difficulties commonly encountered, preparing him for successful T.D. and T.D.X. test tracks, and beyond.”


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