The 100 Silliest Things People Say About Dogs


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by Alexandra Semyonova


The 100 Silliest Things People Say About Dogs

by Alexandra Semyonova

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ISBN: 9781904109181

Publisher: Hastings Press

Publication Year: 2009

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 272

From the back cover:

“In this ground-breaking and sometimes controversial book, Alexandra Semyonova explodes the 100 most common myths about dogs, their nature, their behaviour and how to treat them. She explains how the old, pseudo-scientific theory of dominance in dogs originated in Nazi ideology and the disastrous consequences this has had for dogs, and replaces it with conclusions drawn from twenty years of researching and directly observing real dog behaviour.

As she takes us through the 100 myths, Semyonova shows conclusively that serious aggression is utterly abnormal in the domestic dog, bringing us up to date on the true nature of dogs and what their body language really means. We gain a clear explanation of the three simple rules that dogs follow and clear guidance on how to  use them to improve our interactions with our canine friends.

Your dog needs you to read this book.”

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