SOS Dog: The Purebred Dog Hobby Re-Examined


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by Johan and Edith Gallant


SOS Dog:  The Purebred Dog Hobby Re-Examined


by Johan and Edith Gallant

ISBN:  9781577790990

Publisher:  Alpine Publication, Inc.

Publication Year:  2008

Format:  Trade Paperback

Pages:  246

From the back cover:

“An important read for anyone involved in the purebred dog fancy today.

Modern dogdom was inaugurated in 1873 with the establishment of the Kennel Club (London). The initiative to breed existing breeds closely to standards and to create new standardised breeds from a restricted foundation stock spread like a running fire. Within one or two decades national kennel organisation arose. Today about 100 countries world-wide have one or more national canine co-ordinating bodies all claiming to promote in their own way the welfare and well-being of the purebred dog.

  • Has the purebred dog initiative since its inception indeed improved the breeds under manipulation?
  • Are our purebred dogs at the onset of the twenty-first century mentally and physically fitter than the stock from which they were extracted?
  • Have the selectively bred breeds indeed been improved in respect of canine needs or was the effort rather an ornamental achievement?
  • Did failures occur and what went wrong?
  • Can the situation be remedied?

“Cynology (the science of the dog) is commonly understood as the knowledge pertaining to the purebred. An important part of the species – indigenous pariah dogs – are looked at with contempt and considered inferior. Is this appropriate, or might they have some important lessons for us?

Edith and Johan Gallant, who have been involved in the purebred fancy as breeders, exhibitors and judges, encourage us to take an objective look into the past and future of man’s best friend.”

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