SIRIUS Puppy Training: The Original Off-Leash Puppy Class DVD


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by Dr. Ian Dunbar


SIRIUS Puppy Training:  The Original Off-Leash Puppy Class DVD

by Dr. Ian Dunbar

Publisher:  James & Kenneth Publishers

Publication Year:  2006

Format:  DVD

From the back cover:

“Learn the gentle and enjoyable, scientifically-based methods of off-leash, lure/reward, dog-friendly dog training, that made the SIRIUS philosophy the international standard. Voted BEST VIDEO three years in a row by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Dr. Dunbar developed SIRIUS off-leash puppy socialisation and training classes in 1981, so that his Alaskan Malamute puppy could to to school. At that time, of the 50 or so dog training schools in the San Francisco Bay Area…NONE would allow puppies until they were six months to a year old.

SIRIUS Puppy Training redefined and revolutionised dog training. Before SIRIUS there were no puppy classes, virtually no food lures and rewards, and not much fun in dog training. SIRIUS training methods and the very concept of puppy classes have been adopted and adapted by most pet dog trainers worldwide.

SIRIUS Puppy Training is the video which changed dog training. It remains the best video on positive methods and early socialisation available today.’ ~ Jean Donaldson, author of The Culture Clash

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