Shock to the System: The facts about animals vaccination, pet food and how to keep your pets healthy


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by Catherine O’Driscoll

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Shock to the System: The facts about animal vaccination, pet food and how to keep your pets healthy

by Catherine O’Driscoll

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ISBN: 9781929242290

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

Publication Year: 2006

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 216

From the back cover:

“Over-vaccinating – combined with stress, poor nutrition and other factors – is putting our companion animals at risk for serious diseases including auto-immune disorders, cancer or even death. In this well-written and carefully researched book you will discover how typical vaccination protocols and environmental and genetic factors may be combining to turn your dog, car or horse into a ticking time-bomb of health problems. Bringing together research from around the world, Shock to the System will explain how to avoid these health problems by better management of vaccination schedules, reducing stress in the lives of our animals and optimizing health with diet.

Find out

  • Why many of the health problems we see in pets today are caused by a combination of factors – including over-vaccination, stress and diet.
  • How to decide which vaccinations are necessary to protect your pet’s health without endangering it.
  • How to time vaccinations so that they don’t overburden your pet’s immune system.
  • About new, less frequent vaccination schedules that many vets are now using.
  • How to minimize stress in your pet’s life – and maybe your own!”

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