Puppy Kindergarten DVD


by Corally Burmaster


Puppy Kindergarten

by Corally Burmaster

Publisher:  The Clicker Training Center

Publication Year:  2002

Format:  DVD

Running Time:  40 mins

From the back cover:

“Think your puppy is too young to train? Think again! Puppy Kindergarten  is your guide to successfully training your puppy regardless of his age.

Puppy Kindergarten takes advantage of the very user friendly training method called ‘clicker training.’ Clicker training is slang for operant conditioning, the science of how all animals learn.

Clicker training is:

  • GENTLE! Clicker training is such a gentle method of training you don’t need to wait for the puppy to ‘grow up’ to start training.
  • FUN Your puppy will want to be trained! Bring out that clicker and watch him beg you to play the ‘training game.’
  • EASY! Everyone in the family, young and old, can participate.”

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 18.9 × 13.4 × 1.3 cm

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