Protect Your Pet: More Shocking Facts


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by Ann N. Martin

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Protect Your Pet:  More Shocking Facts


by Ann N. Martin

ISBN:  9780939165421

Publisher:  NewSage Press

Publication Year:  2001

Format:  Trade Paperback

Pages:  199

From the front cover:

  • Dangers of Commercial Pet Foods
  • Raw Meat Diet Controversy
  • Excessive Vaccinations
  • Increased Cancer in Pets
  • Healthy Recipes and Resources

From the back cover:

“Ann N. Martin is internationally recognised as an authority on the commercial pet food controversy. Her book, Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food, was the first book to expose the hazards of commercial pet food. In Protect Your Pet Ms Martin continues her thorough and revealing investigation of commercial pet foods as well as other pet-related issues, including the dangers of over-vaccination, the increased cancer rate in companion animals, the raw-meat diet debate, and. more.”

“The pet food industry and its allies dictate thinking for pet owners and veterinarians on feeding pets. Protect Your Pet discusses important problems the industry refuses to address. It also documents truths on other issues that veterinarians choose to ignore. This book is an essential resource that ll pet owners should read.” ~ Donald R. Strombeck, DVM, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, UC Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine

“This informative book offers excellent information that will help the pet owner to determine which diets are most beneficial. Good health can only be accomplished through good nutrition.” ~ Wendell Belfield, DVM, Author, How to Have a Healthier Dog

“Ann Martin has done it again. She has blown the lid off the pet food industry. Armed with little more than a computer, a telephone, and the stubborn tenacity of a federal prosecutor, Martin has uncovered one of the food industry’s “Most Censored” stories – animal cannibalism in pet food. With this book, Ann N. Martin joins the ranks of a select group of citizen sleuths that includes Ida Tarbell, Lois Gibbs and Erin Brockovich.” ~ Gar Smith, Editor, Earth Island Journal

“After reading Ann Martin’s books, most animal lovers will stop feeding commercial dog and cat foods. The Truth is hard to hear but will save many people’s pets from a short life span, cancer, degenerative diseases and expensive vet bills.” ~ Ihor Basko, DVM, All Creatures Great & Small Veterinary Services, Hawaii

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