My Gentle Barn: Creating a Sanctuary Where Animals Heal and Children Learn to Hope


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by Ellie Laks

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My Gentle Barn: Creating a Sanctuary Where Animals Heal and Children Learn to Hope

by Ellie Laks

ISBN:  9780385347662

Publisher:  Harmony Books

Publication Year:  2014

Format:  Hardcover

Pages:  269

From the inside leaf:

“The last thing Ellie Laks had room for in her life was another animal.  A full-time wife and mother running an on-again, off-again dog-walking business out of her home, Ellie struggled to juggle her responsibilities to her family and the animals she cared for.  But on the day she visited and the animals she cared for.  But on the day she visited an abusive petting zoo with her son and looking into the soulful eyes of a malnourished goat named Mary, Ellie could not simply stand by.  She convinced the zookeeper to let her take Mary home and nursed her back to health with a unique blend of healthy diet, physical therapy, and love.  When Mary recovered, Ellie went back to the petting zoo for the rest of the sickly animals.

What at the time seemed like an impulsive act of kindness was actually the first step toward making a lifelong dream come true.  From a very young age, Ellie had always had an intense connection to the animal world.  She never imagined that she would actually be able to fill her life with the animals who had brought her so much comfort as a young girl.  But after the petting zoo rescue, more animals in need of love and healing found their way into Ellie’s backyard and into her heart.  In 1999, she officially founded the Gentle Barn – a sanctuary where animals could be treated with kindness that all living beings deserve.  She honed her healing techniques with the help of local veterinarians and therapists, creating a unique environment for rehabilitating animals from the most extreme cases of abuse and neglect.  She began welcoming visitors and hosting at-risk kids, teaching everyone to approach the animals with love and respect.  As the Gentle Barn expanded, something extraordinary began to happen: People who had come by for a Sunday-afternoon visit began returning over and over to experience the renewal of confidence, security, and compassion they felt when they interacted with animals.

Filled with colorful tales of the Gentle Barn residents, My Gentle Barn is the story of how Ellie Laks built this incredible sanctuary from the ground up.  From Buddha, a miniature Hereford cow who loves to give hugs, to a sweet little hen named Strawberry, this is the story of the animals who return the gifts of love and friendship to all who meet them.  Full of tender moments of healing, delightful barnyard antics, and wrenching stories of rescuing animals from the worst imaginable circumstances, My Gentle Barn is an uplifting memoir about finding sanctuary in the unlikeliest of places.”

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