Go the Distance: Training Your Dog to Work Away, Vol. 2


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by Stacy Peardot-Goudy


Go the Distance: Training Your Dog to Work Away, Vol. 2

by Stacy Peardot-Goudy

Publisher: Clean Run Productions, LLC

Publication Year: 2005

Format: DVD

From the back cover:

“The ingredients in the recipe for distance work that transform the dog working close with comfort and reliability to the dog that works at a distance with comfort and reliability are experience and confidence. In this series of videos, all exercises begin with you handling at a modest distance away from the dog, gradually adding distance over time as the dog becomes comfortable and reliable at each stage. The exercises can easily be tailored to any level of dog by adding or decreasing the distance between obstacles and changing your handling position.

In Go the Distance, Vol. 2, you and your dog will challenge the skills you developed in Go the Distance, Vol. 1 with more difficult exercises. You will continue work on sending the dog ahead to perform long sequences while you take the shorter, more direct route, layering obstacles, and trusting your dog to perform complex obstacles (such as the weave poles and contacts) accurately and reliably even if you’re not right at his side.”

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