Foundation Training for Agility: The Road to a Perfect Partnership DVD


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by Moe Strenfel


Foundation Training for Agility: The Road to a  Perfect Partnership DVD

by Moe Strenfel

Publisher: Clean Run Productions, LLC

Publication Year: 2009

Format: DVD

From the back cover:

“To achieve your goals in agility, you need a solid working relationship with your dog and a clear and consistent communication system, often referred to as a ‘handling system.’ A handling system is no more than a set of verbal and physical cues that tell your dog what you want him to do next. Conflicting cues or missing links in your communication system will limit what your team can achieve in the sport by causing a lack of confidence (the dog slows down, stops, or even leaves the ring) or frustration (the dog spins, barks, or tries to bite the handler). With clarity and consistency in your communication system, your dog will be more confident, focused, and sure of his job, which will allow you and the dog not only to achieve more, but also to enjoy the game more.

The foundation of this communication system must be taught on the ground before you teach any piece of agility equipment. Teaching obstacles before you have a communication system in place is like driving a car with no steering wheel, no gas pedal, and no brakes – you are at the mercy of the driver, which in this case is your dog. The groundwork exercises in Foundation Training for Agility will put you in the driver’s seat. Whether you are starting to train a new puppy for agility or you need to brush up on some skills with an experienced dog, you’ll find suitable groundwork exercises for dogs at any level in this DVD. There is even a bonus section on balance, strength, and coordination work.”

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