Developing Handling Skills: Handling Common Sequences in Agility


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by Linda Mecklenburg


Developing Handling Skills: Handling Common Sequences in Agility DVD

by Linda Mecklenburg

Publisher: Awesome Paws

Publication Year: 2011

Format: DVD

From the back cover:

“This DVD contains demonstrations of Linda Mecklenburg and one of her dogs performing common sequences in agility described in Chapter 6 of her highly acclaimed agility handling book, Developing Handling Skills. The sequences demonstrated closely parallel those in the book and should be viewed as a supplement to the text and diagrams. Each sequence contains a reference to the figure it corresponds to in Developing Handling Skills. For maximum benefit, the video should be viewed in conjunction with the book.

Watching the demos in conjunction with the figures in Developing Handling Skills will help you understand the appropriate execution and timing of the various cue combinations as well as the problems that arise with mistakes.

  • 180 degree Two-jump Combination
  • 180 degree Three-jump Combination (Serpentine)
  • 180 degree One-jump Wrap
  • Two-jump Threadle Combination
  • 270 degree Two-jump Combination
  • 90 degree Two-jump Combination
  • Straight-line Combination
  • Three-jump Pinwheel Combination
  • Three-jump Pinwheel Combination with Omission of the Second Jump”

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