Arousal, Anxiety and Fear: Empathy, understanding and options for anxious or fearful dogs


by Suzanne Clothier

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Arousal, Anxiety and Fear: Empathy, understanding & options for anxious or fearful dogs DVD

by Suzanne Clothier

ISBN: 9780976548928

Publisher: Flying Dog Press

Publication Year: 2012

Format: DVD

Run Time: 2 hours

From the back cover:

“Is your dog just a bit shy? Stressed? Afraid? Wish you knew how to help? This 2 hour lecture by Suzanne Clothier provides detailed information to help viewers develop empathy, understanding and humane options for their work with stressed or anxious dogs.

Suzanne discusses

  • Stress and its effects on physiology and behavior
  • The role of arousal in stress, anxiety and fear
  • Assessing stress level in dogs
  • Providing support and safety for the anxious dog
  • The pros and cons of common strategies for managing anxiety

Whether you’re wondering about counter-conditioning vs. flooding, if your dog might need medication, or if training would help, Suzanne provides a thoughtful framework for finding the best solution for each individual dog.”

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