Dog Aggression: Fighting



Dog Aggression: Fighting DVD

by Dr. Ian Dunbar

Publisher: James & Kenneth Publishers

Publication Year: 2006

Format: DVD

From the back cover:

“In this video lecture, Dr. Ian Dunbar addresses one of the most worrying behavior problems any dog owner can face – dogs that fight. Dealing effectively with canine aggression necessitates a comprehensive understanding of its underlying causes. In his characteristically entertaining and enlightening style, Dr. Dunbar offers a thoughtful analysis of why dogs fight, outlining a variety of common-sense preventative measures and practical remedial training techniques.

Topics include: The causes of dog-dog aggression in the context of pack hierarchy. How to assess whether a dog has a serious and dangerous fighting problem or whether he is just prone to frequent squabbling. How castration defuses aggressive encounters. How to set up a remedial ‘Growl Class.’ How to use precise timing, praise and reprimands to reduce and phase out aggression and build up a dog’s confidence and social savvy.”

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 19 × 13.5 × 1.4 cm

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